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Michael Shores strokes his dick for Chaosmen


Chaosmen: Michael is a hot muscle daddy type. He is a verse bottom with an awesome bubble-butt! He is packing a 7-inch rod with natural pubes. He is kind of doing porn on a lark. He has friends in the industry, and he has a steady job, but he has worked hard on his body, and I think wants to show-it-off. He is also a fan of the guys from Chaosmen, so he is eager to be paired-up. He is a sweet guy, very polite and super professional. His solo is solid too. He is a little unsure at first, suddenly finding himself in front of the camera, but he has no problems stroking his cock and showing-off his delicious ass! He gets in the groove, showing us his hot ass, and you can tell it needs some penetration attention. Michael will be back next week for a Serviced video, and likely will be back for to get that anal attention!

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Date: June 20, 2018