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Salvador Mendoza fucks Andy Star hard and deep


Men at Play : HAD. Don’t overthink it. Had is not an acronym. But if it were, you could say it stands for Hot Amazing Dick, which is what our newest stud, Salvador Mendoza, has to offer. Dressed in a tailored gray suit, Salvador decides to have a little fun at coworker Andy Star’s expense. Deep into an important project, the power in the office goes out, and Andy gets hysterical. But Salvador has the perfect remedy—his cock! After a nice bit of kissing, Andy goes down on Salvador’s long cock before hopping up on the desk and opening his perfect hole for Salvador to pound. Seriously, Salvador does some real damage to Andy’s willing asshole, slamming it so hard and deep Andy can hardly stand it. Our studs keep their attire on while they fuck like animals. And it all finishes with two hot cumshots. And it isn’t until they’ve drained each drop that Andy realizes—you guessed it—he’s been had. If you’re really into classic suitsex, Had is the film for you.

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Date: June 4, 2018