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Shosei fingers and fucks Hideaki’s hole at Japanboyz


Japanboyz: Hideaki has seen Shosei’s videos and is eager to get together with him. Smooth talker Shosei responds with something like the classic ‘Is it hot in here or is it just you?’ And the boys kiss and get down to business. Hideaki is drawn to Shosei’s hard, straight cock and after sucking it a bit he lies down to keep things moving forward. Shosei sucks and caresses Hideaki’s dick and thick, heavy balls as they tenderly kiss. Soon dicks are pressed against each other and Hideaki’s legs are up and wrapped around Shosei. He eases in a couple fingers and props Hideaki’s ass up with a pillow before filling him with hot, eager cock. The guys fuck from behind on all fours to satisfy their hard, growing intensity. Hideaki is on his back again with Shosei plowing deep into him. The hot juicy pressure is too much and Shosei pulls out to spray a much-needed load on Hideaki’s cock and balls, then jerks his cum-lubed dick till Hideaki is spurting his own creamy finish.

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Date: June 21, 2018
Actors: Hideaki / Shosei