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Southern Strokes: Seth Knight raw-fucks Declan Moore


Southern Strokes – “Checking Out The New Guy”: You know that new guy at the gym? The really cute one with all the tattoos and that bad boy, bad ass, surly look? The one who looks like he’d sooner kick your ass than fuck it? Or maybe you’re the new guy, checking out the hunk you wish would wreck your hole. Now imagine yourself as blond and tattooed Declan Moore, checking out dark and brooding Seth Knight. Much like the way you check out the hunk at your gym, isn’t it? Live out your fantasy vicariously through Seth and Declan. These two waste little time getting to know each other, intimately, with a balls deep — sometimes rough, sometimes sweet — bareback fuck, right there in the gym locker room. Seth blows an enormous load of jizz all over Declan’s freshly fucked hole and balls then seeds him and leaves. Not exactly a warm welcome but it’s hot as fuck and will have you pounding your meat in the men’s room at your gym, wishing someone would along. Maybe if you leave the stall door open just a crack. Who knows? Today just might be your lucky day!

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Date: June 7, 2018