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Bentley Layne lends Xavier Ryan a helping hand


Southern Strokes – “Helping Hands”: While hanging out with their friends, soaking up some rays and enjoying the swimming pool, Bentley Layne and Xavier Ryan explore their budding relationship with innocent hand holding and staring deeply into each others eyes. Then they take it a step further. No, they don’t have sex. Not exactly. Yes, Xavier Ryan is naked, and in bed, but getting a sensual massage. Intimate and erotic, the hunky tattooed young stud rubs himself all over Xavier, both of them relishing the sensation, the touch. From time to time they go a bit further – Bentley plays with Xavier’s cock, Xavier sucks Bentley a bit, the two rub their cocks against each other – but this is all about being playful. It’s about how much control you have over your new boyfriend. It’s about pushing to see how far you can go before nature takes over to satisfy your lust. And after Bentley’s helping hands, lucky Xavier enjoys an expert handjob, spraying a load of thick cum all over his belly before hitting the shower to clean up together.

Watch Bentley Layne help Xavier Ryan bust a nut at Southern Strokes


Date: July 13, 2018