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CockyBoys: Cole Claire bottoms for Taylor Reign


CockyBoys: Summer At CockyBoys means country boy Cole Claire gets to recapture a simply joy of the season by wearing as few clothes as possible..and being around other like-minded guys such as Taylor Reign. After spending some naturally intimate time with him, Taylor is emboldened to seek out Cole and start things up and that’s just fine with hard & horny Cole. He loves the attention, as well as Taylor’s body and his cock on the way to another summer staple at Cocky Boys: outdoor sex! After getting some perfect cocksucking from Cole, Taylor takes command by pulling down his short-shorts and throwing his legs back to suck and rim a very vocal Cole. Cole gets more time sucking Taylor who finally gets naked and the sight make Cole say, “Fuck. Come feed me.” Cole, that was already on Taylor’s mind. Cole deep throats Taylor who in turn 69’s his cock and hole and subsequently orders him to turn over. He plays with Cole’s tight little butt is mere formality because Taylor is soon drilling him to the lounge chair and fucking him doggy style. Taylor gives momentary power to Cole by letting the vocal bottom ride his cock but in time he retakes control by moving him up and down on his cock and picking him up for a mid-air fuck. Plopping Cole on his back Taylor thrusts into the gasping bottom to achieve a good top’s goal… making Cole shoot his load and milk his cock dry. At last Taylor comes around to give an eagerly open-mouthed Cole every drop of his thick cum. Even so, Cole sucks Taylor’s cock to get whatever is left. That’s one hungry bottom!

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Date: July 18, 2018