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Justin Derra starts jerking Dani DeMuse


Chaosmen – Serviced . Despite Justin Derra having some guy-guy experience, he wanted to start with a traditional Serviced video. If he was feeling confident, he would try more things with Dani deMuse. Dani gets in there and toys with his cock, but Top that Dani is, he seemed very interested in Justin’s furry hole. Justin looked quite comfortable with his legs up in the while Dani tongued his hole. Justin says he wants to top only, but those legs flew up pretty fast. Dani then laid down beside him, giving Justin access to his cock. Justin starts by stroking him, eventually sucking on Dani’s big cock. The angle is a little awkward, so they switch things up. Justin gets on top of Dani, letting Dani eat his ass and suck his cock. With the better angle, Justin has a great time sucking on Dani. He has some skills for sure! Next Dani tries to make Justin cum, but it clearly was going to take Justin handling his own cock. Justin jerks his dick, feeding his load to Dani. Dani had been edging that entire time, and easily dumps a huge load on top of Justin’s cock just after Justin nuts. Justin’s torso is coated with two hot loads! Dani grinds their sloppy cocks together and sneaks in a last-minute kiss. There is a cute OutTake at the end if you like those.

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Date: July 13, 2018