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Sean Cody
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Kaleb bottoms for Sean Cody newbie Jayce


Sean Cody: Fit and toned Kaleb is swooning over hard-bodied hunk, Jayce. They’re both packing huge, thick cocks and can’t wait to get things started. For Jayce, it’s a completely new experience so he’s doubly anxious, but in a good way! “We are going to do a lot of fun things today and new things for Jayce, right? What’s something new that you haven’t done before?” asks Kaleb. “Well, fucking a guy in the ass for one,” responds Jayce. “Oh man, who you gonna fuck?” asks dark-haired Kaleb with a smirk. “I think his name is Kaleb,” says Jayce amusingly. “Oooh, I’m excited, let’s go get this booty pounded,” responds an overly eager Kaleb. “What are you most excited about?” inquires Kaleb. “Eating a guy out! Can’t wait!” exclaims Jayce. As Kaleb shows off his bare bottom, Jayce spanks his ass cheek and proclaims that he can’t wait to smash it.

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Date: July 24, 2018