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Michael Roman fucks Ryan Kroger’s ass at Pride Studios


Pride Studios – “Day Dreaming of Daddy”: Michael is having Ryan clean up his pool for a big pool party later in the day. Michael gives Ryan instructions on what to do and heads out to run some errands. Ryan stops cleaning the pool once Michael leaves and decides to kick it on the chair and flip through some pictures of Mr. Roman. Ryan begins drifting off to sleep and starts dreaming of Mr. Roman naked and them kissing. They begin kissing and soon enough Ryan is sucking Michael’s big hard cock. Mr. Roman rims his ass deep until its lubed up with spit and he pushes his throbbing hard shaft into Ryan’s tight little ass. Michael fucks Ryan all over the bedroom until the both explode with cum and right after Ryan wakes up to a voice yelling at him to get up and clean the pool.

Watch Michael Roman fuck Ryan Kroger’s tight ass at Pride Studios


Date: July 24, 2018