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Pheonix Fellington fuck Aston Springs in the toilet


Pride Studios : MASSIVE COCK IN THE GLORY HOLE. Aston is in the bathroom hoping for some big cock action via the local glory hole when Pheonix walks into the stall. As Aston looks through the glory hole his heart skips a beat when he sees the size of the cock on the other side. He motions for it and soon is sucking all 9 inches of it through the hole in the stall. Wanting a closer look, he then joins Pheonix in the stall where he continues to suck the massive cock. The stall is tight, but they manage to maneuver around the toilet and Aston is bent over with Pheonix rimming his tight hole. He then starts fucking Aston and drives his massive cock balls deep into his ass. Aston then rides his cock until he cannot hold back and explodes with a huge amount of cum. He then drops to his knees and Pheonix shoots his cum all over this chest and shoulder.

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Date: July 7, 2018