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Active Duty
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Cameron Vincent debuts at Active Duty


Active Duty: Cameron Vincent is a sweet guy with a happy demeanor and he listens to directions very well. Dirk gives a great interview and then lets him warm up his big cock in the chair. It doesn’t take Cameron long to get his blood flowing to that big dick and once it’s hard he’s ready to show it all off. He continues to stroke every inch of that big dick and his cupped up balls are full of cum just waiting to blast out on any un-expecting soldier. He starts to play with his hole while beating his thick meat and soon enough his grip has tightened and he’s pulling on that big dick fast. Dirk tells Cameron to get up on the bed so we can see his legs spread out and so we can get a better view of him playing with his ass. Dirk commands him to bend over and show us the goods from behind and Cameron does just that. He spreads his smooth hole as he strokes his throbbing cock and you can hear his moans of pleasure as he builds up the nut in his balls. We let Cameron relax again on the bed and give him the OK to release those balls when he’s ready and then the jacking picks up the pace as he moans louder and finally Cameron unleashes his big creamy load all over his chest covering himself with is sticky juice.

Watch Cameron Vincent in the full-length Active Duty solo


Date: August 29, 2018