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CockyBoys: Cade Maddox fucks Grayson Lange


CockyBoys: Is there anything more refreshing and satisfying on a hot summer day than sucking on a popsicle while lounging in a pool? Actually there is for Grayson Lange! He gets this AND Cade Maddox in their Summer At CockyBoys scene! Just as Grayson finishes one popsicle, muscular Cade Maddox feeds him another…and something extra once he’s done. So, Grayson makes short work of Cade’s popsicle and goes for the more satisfying treat: Cade’s thick cock. He sucks it all and takes it deep when Cade face-fucks him and as an extra reward Cade takes him inside for the full Maddox. Once indoors they continue making out and rubbing their cocks together before Cade bends over Grayson and rims his cute ass. In one swift, deft strength move Cade hangs Grayson upside down for mid-air rimming and Grayson instinctively sucks his cock. Cade eventually lets him down from their vertical 69 and is ready to fuck, but Grayson takes him to the staircase landing. The landing provides much versatility for their fucking. In the corner Cade fucks Grayson from behind and with some of ledging as support he fucks Grayson in the air. Grayson literally takes them to a higher level on an wider upper landing where Cade eats his ass and pile-drives him deep. Cade finally takes him to the railing to fuck him until Grayson shoots his load through the bars to splatter on the first floor. Cade has one more treat for Grayson… a mouthful of cum that erupts from his huge cockhead. Cade makes out with Grayson who lets him know he’s not done with him yet: “There are other rooms in this house”!

Watch Cade Maddox fuck Grayson Lange in the full CockyBoys video


Date: August 3, 2018