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French Twinks: Enzo Lemercier fucks Baptiste Garcia


French Twinks – “Memories and Reunion”: Baptiste Garcia and Enzo Lemercier, two stars of French Twinks, return to their filming memories by browsing through the studio’s collectors photo book. All these delicious partners and these hot moments of sex naturally excite Baptiste and Enzo who hadseen each other for almost two years. The two buddies begin to kiss and undress. They are quickly hard in their boxers and their beautiful cocks are soon out of their underwear. Baptiste and Enzo jack off each other then Baptiste sucks Enzo with all his know-how. Then it’s up to the blond to return the favor to Baptiste and offer him a long blowjob in deep throat. More and more excited Enzo switches Baptiste on the back and starts playing with his ass. The wet tongue of Enzo sinks into the opened hole of Baptiste who moans with pleasure. He then pushes his fingers, bites the bottom of Baptiste and fingers it with energy. Baptiste spreads his ass and asks for more, he is eager to taste again the dick of Enzo. It’s initially standing up that Enzo fucks Baptiste with an incredible intensity alternating powerful shots of cocks and “gapping”. Enzo’s cock comes in and out from Baptiste’s open ass and he penetrates deep inside. Baptiste then comes to sit on the cock of Enzo and the two boys continue to fuck until Baptiste explodes with pleasure. Enzo, exhausted, cum in turn on Baptiste’s face.

Watch Enzo Lemercier & Baptiste Garcia in the full French Twinks video


Date: August 16, 2018