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Helix Studios
Family Cuckolds
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Max Carter barebacks Tyler Hill at Helix Studios


Helix Studios – “Goodbye Creampie”: Max Carter and Tyler Hill have enjoyed a whirlwind, week long, sex romp of a romance. The nonstop sexathon was so perfect, Tyler missed class and now Carter isn’t quite ready to quit that ass! After a week of playing hooky, Hill has to get back to the books but Carter cranks up that charm and he can’t resist one more raunchy romp in the hay. The torrid twosome tear off one other’s clothes during a passionate kiss revealing several cock stiffening crimes of passion scratched across Carter’s beautiful back thanks to Hill’s horny handy work. The passion continues as Max makes his way down to Hill’s crotch and slobs that knob like a man. He goes in on Hill’s hot hole with the same erotic enthusiasm, spitting on his smooth succulent pleasure center before diving in face first. Max makes a meal of porn’s most perfect posterior; and, like a carnal caveman, Carter eats with his fingers. He slaps the beautiful bronze butt slut’s supple cheeks with his cock before breaking his bareback battering ram through the boy’s back door and ransacking that rump hard and wild. Keeping complete hole control, Carter pushes pretty boy’s face down and mounts his manhole like a lusty lion laying a juicy jungle fuck down on the dude’s derriere. Tyler gives him a taste of his own medicine by pushing top dog down and mounting his meat, giving us a glorious view of his golden rod while getting railed. Max plants a kiss on the kid then orders him onto his back where he plows the porn prince’s perfect pucker till he fills his hole with white hot heat. Carter keeps cramming his cream up stream as he takes control of Hill’s pole and milks his member till Tyler’s flawless flesh is completely frosted in a gorgeous glaze.

Watch Max Carter pound Tyler Hill’s bare hole at Helix Studios


Date: August 23, 2018