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Behind Friends: Andy West gets fucked by Jeffrey Lloyd


Behind Friends: When his second wife is away, Andy West turns to his inflatable sex toy for pleasure. It’s his way of fulfilling his sexual fantasy for guys and staying loyal to his wife. Andy takes his sex toy out of storage and fondles with its elastic dick. It’s not as good as a real dick, but it does the job for him. He puts his hard cock inside the doll’s mouth to get the sensation of a blowjob, and, finally, puts his dick in the doll’s ass. Jeffrey makes his way back home and hears a light grunt from outside; he wonders as he knows his mom is away and his stepdad is alone. He’s in for a surprise. Andy’s little secret unravels in front of his stepson’s eyes, as Jeffrey enters the room in amused surprise as his stepdad fucks his sex doll. Jeffrey is further puzzled that his stepdad’s sex toy is a male one. But Jeffrey had a dirtier idea in his mind. Jeffrey grabs his stepdad’s rock hard cock; Andy timidly resists at first but gives in to the insistence of his stepson. Jeffrey puts Andy in a relaxed position and puts his stepdad’s dick in his mouth, getting it all wet and prepped. He then sets his sights to Andy’s hole and primes it with his tongue. Andy returns the favor to Jeffrey by sucking his stepson’s dick. As passions intensify, Jeffrey puts his hard and wet dick inside his stepdad’s tight and wet ass. Jeffrey lobs his dick as deep as he can inside Andy’s ass, causing deep, sexy moans from his super horny stepdad. Jeffrey plays with his stepdad’s nipples as he jerks Andy’s dick. Andy sits on his stepson’s dick and feels the thick cock run deep into his ass. A still Jeffrey aims his dick into his stepdad’s ass as Andy tries to get his stepson’s dick as deep into him as possible.

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Date: September 8, 2018