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College Dudes: Javier Cruz gets fucked by Michael Stax


College Dudes: Wasting no time getting naked, Michael Stax pulls off the last of his clothes and lets Javier Cruz get at that cock, wrapping his lips around that incredibly thick shaft as he gets it hard in his mouth. Lying back on the bed, Michael kneels down to give Javier head, making Javier squirm under him as he slowly licks and sucks that sweet cock. After they each take turns giving and receiving, Javier bends over the bed and lets Michael claim his ass, pushing it into the air as Michael drives his hard cock into it. Moaning beneath him, Javier takes that dick, his ass bouncing with each of Michael’s deep thrusts as Michael reaches around and grabs Javier’s prick, playing with it as he fucks him. Turning around on the bed, Javier settles onto his back, legs spread and Michael between them as he presses into that ass, pushing his cock deeper and harder into Javier’s hole until he fucks the cum out of him. Covered in jizz, Javier lies back to catch his breath as Michael enjoys that tight ass for a little longer before pulling out and busting a nut on Javier.

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Date: September 20, 2018