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Mateo Fernandez fucks Bentley Michael at Pride Studios


Pride Studios – “Calm Waves”: Mateo Fernandez and Bentley Michael are standing on the shore with their Body Boards and the ocean is totally calm and peaceful. This makes for a beautiful beach day, but a bust for them to body board. So, they are discussing whether or not to just go back to the Surf Shack or catch some sun on the beach. They go back to their beach towel and sit for a bit before heading back in. Once back inside they are watching porn on Bentley’s mobile phone. Soon they are kissing and the clothes come off revealing both of their massive cocks. Mateo starts sucking Bentley first and takes his cock down his throat. Bentley then sucks Mateo’s massive cock. Mateo then rims Bentley and gets his ass nice and lubed up for his big cock. Mateo fucks Bentley long and deep from behind before flipping him onto his back and fucking him until both explode with big shots of cum.

Watch Mateo Fernandez fuck Bentley Michael at Pride Studios


Date: September 3, 2018