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Andy Taylor bottoms for Johnny Hands and takes his raw dick


Helix Studios – “Dessert”: Andy Taylor is on his first date with super hunk Johnny Hands on the Vegas strip. The two hit it off and can’t keep their “hands” to themselves. The conversation flows freely and immediately leads to “feeling kinky” and other flirty chatter. The date goes so well, the perfect pair strut down the strip hand in hand toward their dick thrusting destiny. Behind closed doors, their fuck me please pheromones flow like wild fire. The boys caress one another’s tight, tan, tattooed torsos as Andy grabs the big buck’s bulge and unbuckles his belt to get at that famous phallus. Andy peels down the brawny boy’s briefs and bows before his massive manhood, gulping and slurping down every incredible, thick, veiny inch while twirling his tongue like a tornado as Johnny braces his beautiful frame against the wall to enjoy. Then, the super stud tosses the twink on the bed and goes bananas on his twink’s torpedo. Johnny maneuvers his massively muscled body onto the mattress while Andy plants his perfect pucker right in his face for a saliva dripping, dick licking, butt munching 69 before Johnny tells Taylor to take a seat on his cock! Never one to refuse an invitation, Taylor takes the best, beefy, bareback seat in the house and gets to humpin’! His hog stays hard the entire ride, bouncing between stroke sessions. The beautiful brunette bottom keeps that precious cargo crammed inside his pretty pucker while he spins around to face his famous fuck star, then gets right back to the tasty task at hand while kissing Hands’ handsome face. The sexy, sweaty twosome turn onto their side and Hands goes ham on that tight twink hole while Taylor tosses off. Then, Johnny gets acrobatic on Andy’s ass and hammers the hottie upside down, pushing his pulsing pole down deeper and deeper inside his ferocious first date dick devotee. Taylor can’t hold his load any longer and splashes spooge all over his ripped abs up to his sensitive nips. Then, Hands outdoes himself….. with possibly the greatest creampie, cum pucker, pour down, dick drizzle we’ve ever seen! He coats the boy’s butt button, pulls out; then, covers the throbbing head of his hog and pushes every ounce back up inside Andy’s amazing ass. If this is their first date, just imagine their second!

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Date: October 30, 2018