Sean Cody
Noir Male
Family Cuckolds
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Boomer Banks, Josh Moore, Ricky Roman & Francois Sagat


CockyBoys : All Saints, part 4. Even ancient deities enjoy the pleasures of the flesh as ALL SAiNTS Chapter 1 draws to a close. From the dark, timeless realm of the Anunnaki gods to an institute for religious studies in New Orleans, secrets are revealed, the layers of mystery shrouding certain identities begin to be peeled away, and the spiral of life circles around to the beginning. At the institute in New Orleans Adrian (Calvin Banks) makes amends with Troy Accola who joins him & an increasingly intrigued Carter Dane to de-brief The Banker (Ricky Roman) on his transformative encounter with Anu (François Sagat). In the build-up to The Banker’s tale, Troy’s talent is uncovered, Carter is offered another glimpse of his own truth, and Adrian (Calvin) leads them all to the story of the Anunnaki mythology. In the mystic realm a very important hidden observer watches Anu (François Sagat) introduce his prize The Banker (Ricky Roman) to two feuding brother deities (Josh Moore & Boomer Banks). They feed their cocks to Ricky until Anu (François Sagat) intervenes to have sex with both of perfect creations. Boomer rims and fucks François until he cums over him.Josh and François suck each other before Josh gives him his second fuck and more cum is spilled. However, François remains unsatisfied and impales Ricky on his cock. Back at the institute the Banker’s encounter visibly troubles one of the participants and Adrian (Calvin Banks) offers a shocking reason why the Banker is subject to these mystical encounters…and Adrian gets a surprise of his own!

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Date: October 3, 2018