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Sean Cody
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Brayden gets a good pounding from Archie


Sean Cody: Buff hunk Brayden and muscular, boyish Archie take a minute to admire each other’s hard bodies before going off to play. “I definitely like muscle, and you have plenty of muscle on you. Hair is way hot too!” says Brayden, as he feels Archie’s chest and abs. “Damn, you’ve got those things too! I’d say we have some good qualities that we share together,” replies brown-haired Archie. “Sexually, I like to be dominated,” says Brayden. “You like to be dominated? That’s surprising for a guy as muscular as you are, but that’s what I like doing,” responds Archie. “Awesome!” exclaims Brayden. “So I guess we’ll be sexually compatible, but there’s only one way to find out for sure,” says Archie. “How’s that?” says Brayden coyly. “Ohh, by fucking!” retorts Archie. They lean in for a few more kisses before heading off to see just how compatible they are.

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Date: October 19, 2018