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Newcomer Cain Fonda fucks Dante Lucas at Blake Mason


Blake Mason: Sweet 19-year-old Cain was pretty nervous when he arrived, so much so that we were a little worried about how things would go. It turns out that was just first-time nerves, because as soon as handsome and horny Dante got him on the bed things started going really well. After a little kissing the gorgeous blond gets sucking on that hard cock and shows some of that natural greediness we love to see, then Dante gets the young man’s perfectly smooth and uncut cock out for a thorough gobbling in return. Perhaps all that oral was a little too much because when Cain slides into that tight arse and starts pounding away at Dante he’s already working on his first load. Yeah, you read that right, Cain delivers two wads of hot ball juice for Dante, the first one while he’s humping that arse, unloading inside, and another when the two are wanking off side-by-side! Dante had a great time introducing the new boy, and it looks like Cain will be back to deliver plenty more cum for us in the future too!

Watch newcomer Cain Fonda fuck Dante Lucas at Blake Mason


Date: October 15, 2018