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Felix Maze is chained like a dog while jerking off


Dream Boy Bondage – “Anonymous Lust” (part 4): Crucified, teen boy Felix Maze gets weaker by the hour. “Help me!” he begs, hanging from the wood, but no one is listening. He is alone, naked and suffering, gradually slipping into shock. Finally, he hangs limp, his lean body glistening with sweat. Hours later, washed and hydrated, he awakens in the same dungeon. He is naked and chained like a dog, with a huge steel collar around his neck. The same three cameras blink at him silently. “Is this what you want, you perverts?” Felix bellows angrily at the camera closest to him, playing with his cock. “Do you want to see me cum?” he asks, getting hard. The boy has a huge, gorgeous cock. It throbs with youth and potency. Then it erupts! “Does this make you happy?” Felix asks, staring right at the camera, his thigh covered with jizz, a flash of anger in his beautiful, blue eyes. Now we will have to really hurt him.

Watch Felix Maze jerking off while being chained at Dream Boy Bondage


Date: October 23, 2018
Actors: Felix Maze