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Jaymus jerks his big uncut dick for Sean Cody


Sean Cody: Tall, toned, 29-year-old Jaymus is a stud coming to you straight out of Poland. He’s open-minded, and of course he loves sex! “I was very young when I first started having sex. It was a quick thing, and I enjoyed it!” says muscular Jaymus. “The thing that turns me on the most is sucking dick! I like to see body, and I like to pleasure the other person. I like to focus more on the other person than myself,” adds Jaymus. He continues, “I like to be in control and my favorite position is doggystyle. I love fucking guys in the ass because I can go wild while the other person just waits for me to do what I want,” says Jaymus. “There’s something hot about having somebody’s load on my face!”

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Date: October 10, 2018
Actors: Jaymus (SC)