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Rave Hardick pumps David Ace full of raw dick at Dudes Raw


Dudes Raw: Rave Hardick leads David Ace into his bedroom and starts making out with him. His hands cup the round globes of David’s hungry ass, work down his jock and slide fingers into the tight hot crack. David in turn gropes his buddy’s crotch then pulls down his faded jeans to free his massive cock. It’s good enough to eat, so he strokes with one hand while he slicks the big pole with spit straight from his slobbering mouth. David sits back on the futon couch while rave holds his skull and fucks that giant meat into his throat. Rave pins him against the wall to lap at David’s hot ass, giving his feet a lick for good measure. David moans his encouragement, knowing that the tongue in his hole will be replaced by a gigantic throbbing cock. Rave gets a mouthful of toes while he props his raw woody against the lean bottom’s spitslick hole. Adding one more gob, Rave pushes in. David feels the hot sensation push past his prostate and groans involuntarily. Rave slides in slow, lets David feel every inch, then holds his piece buried inside to the root. He lets David wrap his legs around and ride as he kneels, slide fully up and down the thick juicy rod. He fucks from behind, slamming hard against the muscled buns, then pulls out to juice David’s back with a stream of sperm. He pushes in while the cum is still spurting, then watches as David squeezes it back out his tingling hole. They kiss while David jerks a hot splash across his abs and taut thighs.

Watch Rave Hardick pump David Ace full of dick at Dudes Raw


Date: October 16, 2018