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Wess Russel gets a good fill from Cade Maddox


CockyBoys: Wess Russel is back to explore one of his turn-ons, morning sex and he gets to enjoy it with Cade Maddox! “Greek god” Cade makes a slightly nervous Wess melt as they make out and he finds the trigger points on verbal Wess’ hot bod. Cade lovingly sucks Wess and in return Wess gives Cade’s thick cock and big balls oral pleasure fit for a king. And Cade can’t help but thrust into Wess’ eager mouth. As Wess sits on his lap and they kiss passionately Cade plays with his hard muscle butt and teases his hole. Wess gets more aggressive and pushes Cade on his back to make out with him and worship his body before easing his ass down on his cock. Wess rides Cade who thrusts back and they are locked together almost inseparably… except Wess wants to be fucked in the chair. Cade picks Wess and bends him over the chair to thoroughly rim and lube up his hole… just as Wess requests. Cade goes further by fingering the moaning bottom and goes all out fucking him hard and deep. At times holding Wess by the neck, Cade pounds him and establishes his dominance. Shifting to fucking him on his back, Cade sees and hears Wess is loving it and gets pleasing proof when he fucks a load out of him. And as Wess wants, Cade gives the cum-hungry bottom a thick facial. And even after they’re done Wess can’t stop sucking the cock that felt so good in his ass.

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Date: October 24, 2018