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Johnny B and Ryan Jordan flip-fuck at Active Duty


Active Duty: Johnny B doesn’t waste anytime wrapping his mouth around Ryan Jordan’s hard throbbing cock. He strokes every inch of that big dicks while licking the back side and front. Ryan is kicking back watching on as his battle mate please his throbbing dick. They are both so horny that they keep swapping BJ’s. The hungry is deep with these two as they let loose their built up energy. Johnny loves Ryan’s ass and he bends him over the bed and slowly pushes his thick hard cock into his tight little ass making Ryan squirm with delight Johnny moves him onto his back and goes balls deep into him spreading that hole wide open as his massive cock makes Ryan moan even louder. Ryan’s tight little ass can’t take the pounding no longer and so now Ryan bends Johnny over the bed and gives him a taste of what he just received. Johnny takes hit hard and deep from Ryan as his ass opens wide for that big dick. Ryan’s balls are so full that he can only fuck him for a small time and once he lays Johnny on his back he pumps him deep and then pulls his dick out and cums all over Johnny’s smooth ripped chest. Once Johnny sees all that cum he releases his balls and that warm load ends up mixing with Ryan’s.

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Date: November 6, 2018