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Sean Cody
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Muscle stud Jack fucks Murray’s virgin hole at Sean Cody


Sean Cody: “It’s my first time bottoming!” says an anxiously, excited, athletic Murray. “Oh he’s in for a treat,” responds muscular Jack with confidence. “I think I can take your dick,” replies brown-haired Murray. “The thing is you’ve only seen me in action, you’ve never had me in action so just wait until you have me in action,” specifies tall Jack. “I’m looking to stay lubed up cause it’s gonna hurt!” says Murray. “It’ll feel good if not better. You have nothing to worry about,” says Jack. Jack continues, “you ready for it?” “Yeah, I’m ready,” replies Murray. It is always a treat watching a top getting his bottom cherry popped!

Watch muscle stud Jack fuck Murray’s virgin hole at Sean Cody


Date: November 18, 2018