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Ty Mitchell gets fucked by inked top Gage Unkut

0% – “Tricky Tricks” (part one): Muscular, good-looking Gage Unkut has been involved in a secret online relationship with slender cutie Ty Mitchell. He’s busy video chatting when his wife starts banging on the door demanding he open it up as Ty is demanding to know who the woman is. Gage lies and says it’s his sister before ending the video chat. Gage and his wife are in the living room when someone starts knocking on the door, and to Gage’s surprise it’s Ty! He confesses that he’s actually married, but doesn’t want him to leave before finally giving him a taste of that sweet bottom he’s been longing for. Can he hide his secret affair from his wife long enough to bust a nut?

Watch Ty Mitchell bottom for Gage Unkut in the full-length video


Date: November 14, 2018