Sean Cody
Noir Male
Family Cuckolds
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Hairy newcomer Steve Strongarm jerks off


Chaosmen: It took me a while to get Steve into the studio. We were ready to go months ago, but he does body-building competition, and sometime in August he had a body-building show, and it meant shaving all his body hair off and doing the super tan look. His body hair is kind of unique, and I really wanted to capture that on film. Turned-out, he did not compete, so he hit me back with an email, saying all his fur was still intact, and that he was in peak physical condition. I got him booked as soon I could. We corresponded a lot, and I was eager to get this friendly, furry, muscled teddy bear in the studio. And he sure was confident about doing the video. He is gay, and prefers to bottom. He definitely has the ass for it! Steve likes all ages of guys, but I think has a thing for the fit daddy types. His solo is great, and when he cums and shoots his load over all that fur, it is intensely hot!

Watch Steve Strongarm jerk off in his Chaosmen debut


Date: December 19, 2018