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Jaymus barebacks big boy Jack at Sean Cody


Sean Cody: Handsome Jaymus and blue-eyed Jack are enjoying the nice weather and, lucky for us, these muscular hunks are both shirtless and they can’t keep their lips off each other. What a perfectly matched, ripped duo! The topic of big-booties comes up and the cameraman asks, “Jaymus do you like big booties?” “Oh fuck ya, the bigger the better!” replies Jaymus. Hunky Jack eagerly pulls down his shorts to reveal his huge cheeks and Jaymus playfully slaps him on the ass. “It’s like he’s a monster!” Jaymus laughs, “I’m going to cum just by looking at it!” The cameraman asks Jack next, “Jack, what do you like about Jaymus?” “His obliques, I’ve always had a thing for obliques, they are so sexy! His blue eyes, his facial features…” Jack continues, “and, you know, also his dick! I’ve seen pictures of his nice, smooth cock. It’s a pretty cock, so I’m pretty excited to have it inside me!”

Watch Jaymus bareback Jack at Sean Cody

Date: December 16, 2018