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Pride Studios: Jay Donahue bottoms for Max Sargent


Pride Studios – “Like ’em Thick & Meaty”: Jay Donahue is in the gym locker room bummed out about his session and how old he is becoming. Max Sargent walks in and they spark up some small conversation and Max wonders if Jay is into guys or women since he was working with a woman trainer. Jay tells him he is very much into men and Max begins to hit on him. Max slowly makes a move and starts kissing Jay while rubbing his body. He than begins to sniff his pits and lick them until Jay does the same. They move into an intense blowjob… sucking and licking each other until Max bends Jay’s hairy ass over and buries his face between his ass. Jay squirms with pleasure and tells Max to fuck him with his thick cock. Max doesn’t hesitate and slowly pushes his can-sized cock into Jay’s small tight and very hairy hole. Jay goes wild fucking his dick and riding it until he blows a huge load all over the place. Max can’t believe it and soon after he erupts with his own warm load of cum.

Watch Jay Donahue bottom for Max Sargent at Pride Studios


Date: December 1, 2018