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Taylor Reign pumps Ty Mitchell’s bare ass at CockyBoys


CockyBoys – “Just Being Me”: You may think you already know hot, vivacious Ty Mitchell, but there’s a powerful story of his journey to who he is now, revealed here in his own words. As part of this revelation Ty pulls back the curtains to show you and Taylor Reign another side to his contemporary self as drag queen Kelsey Dagger! After a evening out as Kelsey, Ty joins Taylor for a night of sensual pleasure and raw, uninhibited sex. Taylor finds Ty sexy in all his many facets and lets him know it in words and actions with some slow-burning making out. After Taylor reaches around and plays with his bubble butt and hole, Ty wraps his full lips and warm mouth around Taylor’s shaft. Ty’s relentlessly pleasurable sucking revs up Taylor to get more aggressive and soon he’s face-fucking Ty in all kinds of positions…and Ty keeps at it. Eventually Taylor gives back with some hot cock sucking of his own, taking all of Ty’s cock & licking his big balls. He follows this with ass eating and finger probing that puts Ty into a state of pleasure and ready to be fucked. Taylor slides in his cock and wastes no time stepping on the accelerator for some power-topping he knows Ty can take..and vividly does as he’s deep-plowed. Soon Ty rides Taylor’s raw cock with boundless energy, barely slowing down when Taylor slips in his fingers for a version of double-penetration. In bed Ty rides Taylor in a reverse cowboy, a position accurately used as Taylor holds Ty’s arms back like reins. Taylor is unleashed, power fucking Ty from behind and drilling him to the mattress with his bubble butt raised up. Taylor can’t hold back and pulls out to cream over Ty’s hairy crack, but he’s not done. He fucks Ty on his back until he makes him cum all over himself. Totally spent (for now) they enjoy some sweet kissing in the quiet hours of the night.

Date: December 12, 2018