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Between Him: Simon Evans bottoms for Dalton Riley


Next Door Studios – “Between Him”: With the new year upon us, Dalton Riley has taken to cleaning out the old and exchanging it for the new, and that seems to include his significant other, as his boyfriend catches him in the downstairs office cheating with Simon Evans. Disgusted, his boyfriend storms off, but Dalton is much more focused on the treat in front of him. Simon’s cute little glasses and bubble butt have Dalton forgetting all about the love he’s lost, and instead, looking forward to the gains that await him. And as the two of them fuck and suck each other for the first time, Dalton feels comfortable with the choice he’s made, but he’s convinced after the two of them nut all over each other in a sweaty, sticky mess. As they kiss and clean up, Simon Evans asks about his ex, and Dalton asks ‘Who?’

Watch Simon Evans getting fucked by Dalton Riley at Next Door Studios


Date: January 31, 2019