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Blaze Burton sucks and fucks JJ Smitts


Chaosmen. As soon as I realized how great Blaze Burton was, I wanted to put him with JJ Smitts. JJ is a great Top, but he really shines as a bottom, and with Blaze’s bossy energy, it was a great match-up! They start by making out, and then Blaze sucks JJ until he is fully hard. JJ then returns the favor, followed up with some 69-sucking action. JJ does some ass eating while having his dick sucked. Next, JJ sits on Blaze’s face. Blaze eats his hole while stroking his own cock. With his hole lubed and ready, JJ slides back and sits on Blaze’s cock. As usual, JJ is always on the brink of cumming while he gets fucked, often making sure neither of them is playing with his cock or risk nutting too soon. Once on his back, JJ unleashes his load, followed by an explosive breeding by Blaze. Blaze’s cock pulsates as he unloads inside of JJ’s sweet hole!

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Date: January 14, 2019