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Sean Cody
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Goofy newcomer Mick jerks his thick 9 incher


Sean Cody: Tall, slender Mick is a 20-year-old professional welder. He takes good care of his athletic, chiseled body, and stays fit by being active. “I’m pretty much bi. I’m only really comfortable with a guy sucking me off, but I’m very willing to try. I want to experience everything, and I am not against anything. I want to go everywhere, and try everything before I die,” says good-looking Mick. “I’ve tried anal sex with girls, but none of them have let me!” states Mick. “I think most guys would actually let me, and I would be more willing with a guy because I feel like he could take it.”

Watch newcomer Mick jerk his thick 9 incher for Sean Cody


Date: January 8, 2019
Actors: Mick (SC)