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Sean Cody: Muscle top Brock fills Manny up with raw meat


Sean Cody: Beefy hunk Brock is on his way to pick up athletic cutie Manny for a quick warm-up at the gym before the real workout begins. “I think you need to take your shirt off for me,” insists a horny Brock. “I think you need to take your shirt off for me, but I’ll be a gentleman and go first,” says Manny as he removes his top. “Oh my! I think we’re going to get a good workout in today!” remarks Brock as he takes in a topless Manny.

Brock follows suit, and Manny could not be more excited. “Look at you! Goddamn! We’re definitely going to have to get a good pump in today,” replies Manny. “We’re going to get a pump in one way or another,” states Brock. “So what’s your deal?” asks Manny. “I like a nice firm body that I can grab a hold of, and manhandle. Hard and rough,” replies Brock. “Perfect, cause that’s exactly what I like!” says Manny.

Watch muscle top Brock fuck Manny’s bare ass at Sean Cody


Date: January 18, 2019