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Johnny B gets fucked by Spencer Laval and Marc Montana


Active Duty: Dirk loves calling the shots and he has all the soldiers sit next to each other naked stroking one another’s hard cocks. They all have their hands on dicks stroking and rubbing each others until Marc dives in first and begins blowing Johnny.

Marc and Spencer Laval take turns blowing his big dick since he’s the one that is going to be fucked today. It’s one mission for the books as Marc mounts up and pushes his throbbing cock into Johnny’s bare ass. Once he is in he begins to fuck him as Johnny blows Spencer. Johnny’s mouth gets pushed onto Spencer’s cock with every thrust from Marc as you can hear the slurps and ball slapping.

Marc and Spencer take turns fucking Johnny’s tight hole with their raw hard cocks. Soon enough they have him on his back as they take turns stuffing his mouth and ass. Johnny can barely contain himself as he is being fucked. He can’t make much noise since his mouth is full but once his mouth pops off that dick he shoots his load all over the place and one by one the mission is fulfilled as they all empty their balls into Johnny’s mouth and chest.

Watch Johnny B bottom for Spencer Laval and Marc Montana

Date: February 11, 2019