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Muscular recruits Jesse Kovac and Richard Buldger flip-fuck


Active Duty: Once the meet and greet are over with they both kick back on the bed and take their clothes off. Once they are naked Richard doesn’t waste a second and soon enough has his eager mouth all over Jesse’s hard cock. He deep-throats it and slobbers all over it making Jesse moan with pleasure as he takes every inch down his throat.

Richard has a quicker eager cock sucking style but once Jesse gets his mouth wrapped around Richard’s cock you can see the difference. Jesse takes his time and slowly sucks on Richard’s thick cock taking each inch deep into his mouth with the patience of a surgeon. Jesse slowly pushes his raw cock into Richard’s waiting ass. Once all the way in Jesse begins to pound his ass deep and hard.

Richard Buldger takes over and has him lie on his back and so he slowly pushes his thick cock into his bare ass spreading his tight hole while stroking Jesse Kovac‘s hard cock. Richard is amazing at what he does and as he fucks Jesse he can feel that ass tighten up and with a few more pumps Jesse blows his big load all over himself which makes Richard pull his dick out and stroke his built up load all over Jesse’s cum soaked chest.

Watch Richard Buldger and Jesse Kovac flip-fuck at Active Duty


Date: February 4, 2019