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Tommy and Hung Young Brit breed a shy Polish guy and give him their big cum loads


Hung Young Brit – “Shy Polish Boy”: Hung chavs Pull horny n Shy Polish lad off the apps who’s dead up fot it! I said I wanted to film and then he sort of chickens out, then said yes again if he could ware a hat lol. We take this polish boy to the office (the Micky mouse office that Josh built LOL) n take turns fucking him face down on the floor. Hung Lad Tommy from Bicester whacks his nobs out and it’s proper fucking big man – wasn’t expecting that, it’s thick too! We set up a camera on a tri pod and take turns passing the other one round. This boy’s a bit shy so we hide his face with a cap. I give him a huge load facial while my hung mate spunk in his arse. I wish I could find that Tommy again! He was a great bareback fucker!

Watch Tommy and Hung Young Brit breed a shy Polish boy


Date: February 19, 2019