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Bennett Anthony, Cesar Rossi and Leo Forte fuck each other


Pride Studios – “Power Switch”: All three guys are lying in bed discussing the fact that being versatile is so much better than just being a top or bottom. They all agree that now that they are older, their sex life is much better because they know exactly what they like. They all start making out with each other and soon their clothes are off and they are all taking turns sucking each other, rimming each other and taking turns. Cesar Rossi is the first to be fucked by Leo Forte as he sucks Bennett Anthony. Then Cesar rims and fucks Bennett Anthony as he sucks Leo. Leo then comes around and fucks Bennett even deeper and harder and Bennett sucks Cesar. Bennett then fucks Leo doggy style and then Cesar fucks Leo Forte on his back until all three of them explode with cum.

Watch Bennett, Cesar and Leo fuck each other at Pride Studios


Date: March 28, 2019