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CockyBoys: Calvin Banks and Clark Davis flip-fuck raw


CockyBoys: Clark Davis is back.. under the sheets and in the arms of Calvin Banks the morning after a cam show. Calvin had wanted to see Clark bottom in the show but now he gets the real thing, without having to tip: his big cock is Clark’s incentive. Clark deep throats him and gets plenty in return: passionate kisses, Calvin’s toe-curling sucking, and focused manhandling.While sucking and stroking him, Calvin’s rapid-fire finger fucking and choking puts Clark into intensely excited state of pleasure

Calvin gets Clark to sit on his face and while Clark sucks his cock he eats his ass, spanks him and goes back to fingering him in the epicenter of his sexual desire. Finally Calvin gets behind him to fuck him, going from zero to 100 and driving him wild, visually and vocally and neither holding back one bit.

Calvin soon shifts roles, still in control. He sensuously sucks Clark’s steel cock and sits on it, riding him with ease before going back to sucking. Just as easily Calvin goes back to topping Clark on his side and on his back and in no time climaxes. He pulls out slightly as he cums but slides back in to finish unloading inside Clark. Still hard Calvin resumes fucking Clark until he pounds a load out of him. Clark is spent but that’s okay with Calvin: he gives him permission to do nothing else for the rest of the day.

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Date: March 15, 2019