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Pride Studios: John Carusso gets fucked by hairy hunk Aspen


Pride Studios – “Babe – I Need Your Help”: Newcomer John Carusso is lying in his bed on his phone with Aspen comes running into the room exclaiming that he went to the gym and accidently took a hard-on pill instead of his supplement and the result is his hard cock. John doesn’t mind this interruption and begins sucking Aspen’s hard cock. They then move into a 69 and suck each other for a while. Aspen then bends John over and rims his ass before fucking him on all fours. After a while he flips John onto his back and fucks him until John cannot hold back and he shoots his load Hands Free all over himself. Aspen pulls out and shoots his load.

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Date: March 22, 2019
Actors: Aspen / John Carusso