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Uncut newcomer Vito breeds Rudy Martins’ boy hole at Behind Friends


Behind Friends: Vito has had a hard day at work and now all he wants is to relax at the bathhouse and find a new friend to share some cummy fun with. Perhaps it’s no surprise that he’d catch the attention of wanking lad Rudy, watching him soaping up in the shower from perch in the steam room. Stroking his dick and admiring the handsome hunk he’s soon getting an impressive display. Vito grinds his rigid cock against the glass for him while he wanks and watches, but now the invite has been made he can’t wait to join his new friend and have some real fun. Making out and slapping their hard cocks together in some innocent frotting the two become quickly acquainted, but their mouths can do that kind of talking even better. Rudy gets a taste first, sucking on the wet length of his new friend’s rigid cock, licking his balls and showing him how he likes to be sucked.

Vito isn’t the kind of man to just take, so naturally he’s soon on his knees to return the favor, displaying horny skill as he gobbles Rudy’s stiff inches and sucks some pre-cum out of his new friend. Vito isn’t just good at sucking, he’s soon displaying his rimming skills with Rudy up against the wall and a tongue in his ass. Vito works his hole but the lad is so tight it takes a little effort to get that cock in there, but once Rudy relaxes he’s soon moaning and stroking his own length while he rides his new pal and builds up to a climactic finish. Bouncing on Vito’s lap and working his stiff tool Rudy announces his plan to let that load fly, and boy does he! Cum leaps from his cock in a thick and powerful eruption, splashing out over the tiled floor while his friend humps up into his hole. It’s enough to have Vito on the edge, but there’s a little more fucking in the stud yet before he pulls his bareback dick free and decorates Rudy’s cock and balls with his own splashing jizz squirts. I guess Vito is gonna be meeting up with Rudy at for some more raw bathhouse boner after this first hookup.

Watch Vito breed Rudy Martins’ hole at Behind Friends


Date: March 16, 2019
Actors: Rudy Martins