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College Dudes: Troy Thomas gets fucked by Scott Demarco


College Dudes: Troy Thomas is in awe over Scott Demarco’s incredible oral skills, going from kissing to using his lips and tongue on Troy’s cock as he sucks on his member and gets him rock hard. After such amazing head, Troy makes sure to take good care of Scott as he goes down on him, drooling over that sweet prick as he sucks it, but Scott still isn’t done with Troy as he gets him on the bed to eat some ass, rimming his hole as Troy closes his eyes in ecstasy.

While Troy’s ass is still slick with Scott’s spit, he lines his dick up with Troy’s hole and pushes inside, wasting no time as he starts fucking him slow and deep, pounding him from behind as Troy’s cock and balls sway with each hard thrust. Giving Scott a break from all that fucking, Troy takes over and climbs on his lap, riding him reverse cowboy while he strokes his own member until he’s shooting a huge load, climbing off of Scott to help him cum as he leans forward to lick Scott’s balls until that hot jizz pours out of his cock!

Watch Troy Thomas take Scott Demarco’s hard cock at College Dudes


Date: April 20, 2019