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Dirty Scout #182: Hung young Czech boy gets fucked


Dirty Scout #182: It is funny how some people think they can start a career out of nothing. This guy had a few mostly low skill jobs like selling ice cream and filling shelves at a supermarket. With that qualification he came to me asking for an administrative desk job. Normally, I would laugh such a person out of my office. This dudes muscular physique gave me a pause though. I wanted to employ him but it was a risky thing to do. I was thinking with my dick so I hired him based on some stupid administrative course he went to on high school. I didn’t care if I was to get into trouble, I wanted to fuck the guy. He had a body like a sculpture and I was going to fuck him no matter what. At first he though that I wanted him to fuck me… so cute. After resolving this little misunderstanding, I totally ravaged him.

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Date: April 30, 2019