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Joe Parker fucks massage therapist Angel Ventura


Pride Studios – “Released Tension”: Joe Parker has come to see Angel Ventura for a much needed massage and he has requested to remain nude during his massage. Angel gets to work on Joe’s body and he is able to provide much of the relaxation and stress release that Joe desires. Once Angel starts massaging Joe’s glutes, it is apparent that Joe really likes this massage and Angel sensing that grabs Joe’s cock from underneath and starts stroking him.

After Joe turns over, Angel continues massaging Joe’s big hard cock, while Joe strokes Angel’s through his pants. Angel sucks Joe for a while before Joe returns the favor. They then do a 69 on the table for a bit and then Joe rims Angel’s ass. Angel then lowers himself down on Joe’s cock and rides him. Joe then lies Angel onto his back and fucks him until Angel cums and then Joe shoots his load.

Watch Joe Parker fuck Angel Ventura at Pride Studios


Date: April 9, 2019