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Men At Play: Andy Onassis bangs Malek Tobias’ ass hole


Men At Play – “Make Me Wet”: When Andy Onassis and Malek Tobias run into each other in the gym locker room the sexual tension is undeniably palpable. After ogling each other’s bodies and meaty cocks, Malek wastes no time stripping off to head to the shower, making it known with his eyes that a visit from Andy would be more than welcome. Andy ponders the invitation as he gets himself dressed, deciding that there is absolutely no way he can pass on Malek’s generous offer. As Andy watches Malek shower, he begins to unzip his fly signaling to Malek that it is his turn to make good on his invite. Malek wastes no time swallowing Andy’s cock and then offering up his wet hole to further thank him for his visit. Since fucking in the shower just isn’t enough, these two dirty boys head to the pool where they can get even wetter and wetter.

Watch Andy Onassis fucks Malek Tobias at Men At Play


Date: April 23, 2019