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Men At Play: Tyler Berg and Francois Sagat flip-fuck


Men At Play – “To Work Or To Fuck”: Men At Play welcomes gay porn superstar Francois Sagat into the fold and Tyler Berg is all too eager to break him in. Francois is working late on a presentation that he has to deliver to his boss by end of the week, but his insatiably horny colleague and new fuck buddy Tyler Berg has other plans to keep him busy, putting Francois in a very precarious situation.Francois almost immediately gives in and lets Tyler swallow and slobber over every inch of his cock before bending him over and devouring his meaty ass. After pounding Tyler, the way his hole was begging for, Tyler returns the favor and plunges balls deep into Francois giving us a flip flop anyone would stick around late at work to see. After cumming all over each other and the desk, they high tail it out of there leaving the boss with a presentation and a little something extra.

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Date: April 28, 2019