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Dominic Pacifico fucks Vincent O’Reilly in a hot outdoor scene


Dominic Pacifico – “Roll Hard: Deep Dick”: On a sunny rooftop overlooking the city’s clatter, skater gang member Vincent O’Reilly feels safe and secure there from the violent Zoots, and shows his devotion to daddy Dominic with a hot hookup. Dominic is naked on skates with nothing but shades, gloves and kneepads, while Vincent is resplendent in neon green leopard print pants and dinosaur socks. Vincent is game and up for anything as he chokes down Dominic’s big uncut meat. Gagging with the deepest thrusts, he never slows down for a second. Dominic puts his kneepads to good use when he gets on his knees to taste some young hung skater cock. Vincent is packing enough dick to make most guys gag, but Dominic’s not most guys as he swallows the hefty pole with ease. Daddy Dom gets Vincent nice and wet and begs to get his face slapped around by the big shiny head.

But Vincent’s best feature is sticking out like twin globes behind him, and Dominic can’t keep his mouth off that “beautiful fuckin hole”. He licks and sucks in the bright afternoon sun and soon he’s ready to plow his raw dick into the spitslicked ass. Braced against the fence, Vincent bends down to give his hole up to Daddy. Dominic rams in hard as Vincent yells for more. “Pound that hole!” he begs as he struggles to stay upright on his skates. Finally he needs a more solid fuck position and gets down onto hands and knees for Dominic to drill in to the hilt. “You want me to breed that ass?” Daddy asks, and Vincent pushes back to feel the hot rush of bareback cum shooting deep inside. Dominic opens the cheeks to watch his jizz stream out of Vincent’s fresh fucked butthole, licking and slurping his seed as it drools down. Vincent is ready to shoot his own cum wad, and lies on his back to spray his body with spurt after spurt of musky skater seed.

Watch Dominic Pacifico fuck Vincen’O’Reilly’s bare ass hole

Date: May 15, 2019