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GuyBone: Drew Dixon and Sherman Maus flip-fuck


GuyBone: Literally bursting with excitement to share this scene with you! The preview made plenty of waves on social media, so we know you’re gonna go crazy for the full scene! Drew and Sherman had filmed together previously for another studio and were horny as hell to jump back in front of a camera together. I just happened to have a camera. Their chemistry is undeniable and I love that they have as much fun as they do while still getting hot content. Their both pros and I’m lucky to have filmed this (and you’re lucky to be watching it). And it came as no surprise when they ended up with an extra 5 minutes of footage. That’s more fuck for your buck!

Their talented tongues made the best wet noises as they kissed and moved quickly into dick sucking. Both boned as soon as they walked in the room, Drew dropped trou first to feed his fat, uncut cock to a very thirsty Sherman. He face fucked him from his seat in the chair. So much spit. Messy, sloppy, drippy boys blowing big hard boners. Drew’s abs clenched as Sherman worked over his foreskin and shaft. Then they switched it up so he could get his costars huge cock between his lips.

Hairy and hung, both guys looked breathtaking as they blew each other. Big balls and tight bodies begged to be worshiped. And they were. Masculine grunts and groans echoed through the room as they ravished each other’s steel dicks. Then it was over to the couch for a view and a salad tossing. Drew bent Sherman over and devoured his tasty hole. Sherman was so turned on, pre-cum dripped from his dick and Drew made sure to clean it up. He went back and forth between blowing and rimming, making sure everything on Sherman was spit-covered and satisfied…..


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Date: May 10, 2019